What will I review?

I will totally work for books.
That is the dream.

I read Young Adult fiction because I'm in love with it. I love the voices that seem to constantly be in struggle with some element of life; whether it be responsibility, new challenges, relationships, and the on-going battle of defining oneself. I love the different characters that crop up, I love the humor, and I could go on and on. I just really enjoy reading Young Adult fiction.

In particular I enjoy fantasy, paranormal, science fiction, dystopia futures, mystery, and I can always be a sucker for a good romantic book. I do particularly enjoy books that have an element of LBGTQIA in them, international culture, strong female characters, class issue, disability issue, and survival elements.

I also don't like books that are designed to just scare the pants off of me. I will tend to stay away from those. I do enjoy the element of suspense, I just tend to stay away from murder-y books.

I get REALLY bored with most adult fiction. I find that the stories either aren't enthusiastic, dwell too much in the wrong places, concentrate on things that simply don't interest me, or boil down to a very weird, convoluted way in which characters wind up sexing each other. Sometimes they're just offensive. Boring. So Young Adult all the way for me, although I suppose I could be persuaded to picking up something more 'adult'; it depends on the book. There are a few book reviews sprinkled throughout my blog on 'adult' books, but they are few. Very few.

Books that I cannot finish have the label of 'Unreadable' and the post should contain elements of why I didn't like the book or what led to my inability to complete it. I hope for this to be a small number as I do try to finish most books I pick up.

Some days I will post a recipe I made that I particularly enjoyed.

The big disclaimer: All my reviews are written honestly with little filtration. I do not accept money in exchange for review purposes. Images and synopsis of the books have been borrowed and remain copyright to its rightful owners.

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Happy reading!

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