Sunday, April 7, 2013


I'm going to spend a moment and talk about me. BECAUSE YEAH. WHY NOT.

I have a college degree, a bachelor of science in English with a concentration in Creative Writing with a minor in Business Administration. In summary, I can creatively think within an analytic mindset.

But with that fancy piece of paper, I'd like to start writing books.

I love reading. I love exploring the worlds that authors create, meeting new characters, and getting swept up into the story.

I want to sweep people away to the places where my mind always wanders.

I already write poetry, but haven't found anywhere on the web that I'd strongly like to publish it. I actively participate in NaNoWriMo and I have for the past 8 years, and completed it each year. It's about time for me to throw myself out to the winds and seriously edit some of my stories to see if folks will like (or at least read) them. I don't want to end up in the 'Unreadable' category if I can help it. ;) I do have dear friends lined up just waiting for me to send them chapters or the complete story and I'm still mulling through it. The editing process can be a little daunting sometimes.

In summary, I'll still be reading books, but I'm also going to truly work on writing/getting published my own books.

I hope it's exciting for you.

I'm excited/nervous/determined and getting worked into a creative frenzy. I might post about my writing conquests periodically if you folks want to be updated.

So happy reading folks, maybe you'll get to read one of my books. THEN MAYBE I'LL REVIEW IT, AND IT'LL BE WEIRD. OH MAN.

I look forward to sharing adventures.

Here is a picture of me on a slide when I was itty bitty. I frequently liked to climb slides instead of slide down them. Clearly, my face is full of dreams. ;)

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