Friday, February 14, 2014

The Shadow Throne

The Shadow Throne by Jennifer A. Nielsen

I previously reviewed the first two books in the series.
Book one: The False Prince can be found HERE.
Book two: The Runaway King can be found HERE.

Disclaimer: This book isn't released until February 25, 2014. I managed to read an advanced reader copy and there might be minor differences between what I read and the published version.

An amazon summary which is very sparse, "Jennifer A. Nielsen takes readers on an extraordinary journey in this final installment of the NEW YORK TIMES bestselling Ascendance Trilogy.

War is coming. . . . Join Jaron as he embarks on his final adventure!" AMAZON LINK OF NOT A LOT HAPPENING


Based on the amazon summary being so sparse, I'm going to significantly limit what I say about the content of the book and instead go more so after my reaction to the book and series completing.

This will inevitably contain spoilers of some nature. You should not read this blog post if you wish for the book/series to remain unspoiled.


First, this was a great wrap up of the series. I found it a great read that I might have cried through a bit (NO SHAME). It was a great follow up to the previous two books, and is my favorite book of the trilogy.

No seriously, it was good.

I wonder if there might be a following series that follows Jaron into his kinghood. I really like what happened with most of the characters, but I wish there had been a more solid conclusion to Roden's story. (I'm REALLY trying to be vague. I swear.)

The overall book yielded the same great quality of characters, story development, etc.

I'm very impressed.

Jaron is awesome.

Imogen is awesome.

Roden is awesome.


...I think I want to stop because like all good books, I get super tongue tied because I want to say how everything was awesome, but it only sounds awesome because it's the end of the book, and that's just not cool to spoil for future potential readers.

So I guess with this one you're just going to have to take my words for it. Heh.

Happy reading!

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