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Unremembered by Jessica Brody

I read the first book in this series[?], UnrememberedHERE.

If you want the first book to remain unspoiled, I suggest reading no further.

For a sequel, I felt like this book delivered a lot of elements that I was looking forward to and expecting based on the first book.

An amazon summary, "Some memories are better left forgotten...
After a daring escape from the Diotech scientists who created her, Seraphina and Zen believe they are finally safe from the horrors of her past. But new threats await them at every turn as Zen falls prey to a mysterious illness and Sera’s extraordinary abilities make it more and more difficult to stay hidden. Meanwhile, Diotech has developed a dangerous new weapon designed to apprehend Sera. A weapon that even Sera will be powerless to stop. Her only hope of saving Zen’s life and defeating the company that made her is a secret buried deep within her mind. A secret that Diotech will kill to protect. And it won’t stay forgotten for long.

Packed with mystery, suspense, and romance, Unforgotten is the riveting second installment of Jessica Brody’s Unremembered trilogy, and delivers more heart-pounding action as loyalties are tested, love becomes a weapon, and no one’s memories are safe." AMAZON LINK OF YAY WAT

The book begins with Seraphina and Zen living in 1609. They've managed to stumble across a small family to live with and earn their keep by doing chores. People are unnerved by Seraphina a bit because there's something that doesn't quite seem right. Seraphina and Zen are slowly practicing on overcoming her instinct to run away from danger and instead fight back. Seraphina finds herself being more in love with Zen every day....but of course that's when things start to go wrong.

One day Seraphina wakes up to find that Zen is feeling a bit under the weather. Zen shrugs it off and they head into town for the family to sell their wares. While there, Seraphina is accused of being a witch. Her locket is taken from her as 'a sign of the devil' and she's put in jail. After her stint in jail, the towns folk drag her out and tie her up to burn at the stake. Seraphina keeps telling herself that Diotech won't let her die; she'll be rescued before their investment can go up in flames. She's utterly convinced that she'll be saved as the flames start to lick her feet...

....that's a good enough summary [/cue evil laughter].

Anywho, the book played into a lot of themes from the first book and I loved it's exploration of trying to answer of 'What does it mean to be human?' and Seraphina's constant struggle to retain (or gain if you will) her humanity.

The science in it was a little....far fetched for me but not SO far fetched that I found it unbelievable. There were more neat things going on with memories in a nice, not amnesia way. There was definitely a moment where I sobbed a bit because of some memory stuff but I won't spoil it for you. [For those of you that read it, hint: child. That is all!]

I thought it was a great follow up sequel, AND A MOMENT OF SPOILER, the love triangle that starts to take shape makes sense from a corporate greed standpoint. It was pretty much thrilling to have it be that and not a wishy-washy woman prancing around driving the plot.


Happy reading!

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