Sunday, March 1, 2015

Eddie Red, Undercover: Mystery in Mayan Mexico

Eddie Red, Undercover: Mystery in Mayan Mexico by Marcia Wells

Disclaimer: I read the advanced reader's copy, undoubtedly there will be some minor differences between the version I read and the edition that will be published on April 7, 2015.

This is the second book in a series, I reviewed the first one, Eddie Red, Undercover: Mystery on Museum Mile, HERE.

An amazon summary because that was a lot of intro text, "Now that he has become the NYPD’s youngest crime-solving hero, Eddie Red and his best friend Jonah are ready to relax on a family vacation to Mexico. But when Eddie’s father is falsely accused of stealing, what they find is another complex mystery. Can Eddie – with his artistic talent and photographic memory – and Jonah uncover clues and catch the real crook in time? "Fast-paced, funny, and a sure pleaser for Cam Jansen Grads" (Kirkus), the Eddie Red series stars a hero worth rooting for." AMAZON LINK OF JUSTICE

Eddie is back! He's on an adventure to Mexico with his family as his mom is attending a work conference. He's able to bring Jonah along and all of Jonah's quirks; of course he winds up in the midst of mystery!

They arrive at the hotel and marvel at a really cool ancient relic in the lobby before checking into their rooms. Jonah is bound and determined to not miss out on any adventures this time he's already looking for a mystery that needs solving.

Eddie just wants to have a nice vacation.

The family takes a tour and Eddie & Jonah make fast friends with the tour guide's daughter, Julia.

The next day, it's discovered that the cool ancient relic is stolen from the lobby and Eddie's father is one of the prime suspects.

The relic also happens to belong to Julia's family so she's pretty on finding the thief, Jonah is ecstatic to have a mystery to solve, and Eddie is up for another adventure.

If you liked the first book, the second book definitely winds itself through another fantastic Eddie Red adventure. Same great quality as the first book with some more humor sprinkled in.

I won't say anymore as I don't want to ruin the mystery....(see what I did there?! Hahaha)

Happy reading!

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