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Clariel by Garth Nix

Disclaimer one: This book was published on October 14, 2014....but I totally read the advanced reader's edition because that's what was available to me. Undoubtedly there were some minor differences between the version I read and the published copy.

Disclaimer two: I've read a lot of books by Garth Nix. I've only blogged about Shade's Children and A Confusion of Princes and maybe more but I'm just not recalling them off the top of my head. ANYWHO, Garth Nix is a fantastic author; I've read Sabriel, Lirael, and Abhorsen before; but it was a bit ago. I might have been STUPIDLY DELIGHTED to see there were more books taking place in the same universe. (For the record, I also read and adored his Keys to the Kingdom series. I'll eventually just mine through the other Garth Nix books out there....if I ever get through my 'to be read' stack....)

An amazon summary, "The long-awaited fourth book in the New York Times bestselling Old Kingdom series by Garth Nix
Award-winning author Garth Nix returns to the Old Kingdom with a thrilling prequel complete with dark magic, royalty, dangerous action, a strong heroine, and flawless world-building. This epic fantasy adventure is destined to be a classic, and is perfect for fans of Game of Thrones.
Clariel is the daughter of one of the most notable families in the Old Kingdom, with blood relations to the Abhorsen and, most important, to the King. She dreams of living a simple life but discovers this is hard to achieve when a dangerous Free Magic creature is loose in the city, her parents want to marry her off to a killer, and there is a plot brewing against the old and withdrawn King Orrikan. When Clariel is drawn into the efforts to find and capture the creature, she finds hidden sorcery within herself, yet it is magic that carries great dangers. Can she rise above the temptation of power, escape the unwanted marriage, and save the King?" AMAZON LINK OF GREAT JUSTICEEEE

The amazon summary did a pretty good job. I think it could have mentioned more that Clariel was OBSESSED.


....with living her own life in the woods/forest where she could basically be a hermit away from everyone. For the course of the book she seemed to have a perpetual attitude of 'SIGH, people' until ....a major plot point.... in the book.

Seriously, she likes some nature/trees and dislikes the people. She also, hilariously, found a lot of nuances about 'high society' to be super frivolous. Which was DELIGHTFUL.

ANYWHO.'s been forever since I've read Sabriel, Lirael, and Abhorsen. A lot of references were lost on me that probably would have made sense if I had read them more recently. Regardless, there were a lot of little clever things woven throughout the story that I adored.

Garth Nix's writing was still awesome. Sir has writing game like HOLLAAAA (not sorry).

It was jam packed with great settings, a great sense of the time, a lot of the culture was so prevalent.

Clariel's character wasn't quite to my taste, but she was a great narrator to be thrust into the middle of the city.

The most curious part of the book for me was Clariel's parents and her family history. It's explained just enough where it's satisfying, but there are still parts that greatly mystify me.

But, that's mostly me being an obnoxious reader. The story was pretty complete and fantastic.

Happy reading!

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