Monday, October 15, 2012

So I went to the library...

Today I went to the library as some of the books I requested be put on hold had come in and had a bit of an adventure.

I forgot my book bag which is always a bad thing since I walk in thinking I'll get seven books or so, but I always end up walking with fifteen or so. Today I staggered out with eighteen. It gets better.

As I picked up the books I had on hold and headed to the upstairs section after a quick peruse of the graphic novels, I end up walking up the stairs and spilling the seven books that I had been carrying about the fourth stair from the top. I mutter incoherently to prevent public swearing, and get helped by a fellow patron. I thank them and continue on my way.

Then I peruse the young adult section and by the time I leave, I'm up to 18 books. Alright. Really should have brought that book bag. I do the self checkout, and smartly take the elevator down to avoid all the stairs. I meet two other library patrons who seem to be a young gentleman and a concerned relative or close relation of some sort and they appear to be having a mildly serious conversation. So I politely try not to pay attention when the young gentleman says, "Hey, hey" a lot. I look over and he asks, "Why do you have so many books?"

I shrug and tell him, "I really love reading."
He asks, "You can finish all those in, what, three weeks? Right?"
I nod my head and his concerned relative states, "She's lying. This is a good example of you needing to have more wits about you when you meet people. To stop being so trusting and taking people on their word."

Um, what? Did I suddenly become a life lesson?

Thankfully, the elevator had safely delivered us to the lobby and I make my way out to my car. I manage to get my car door open and my due date receipt slips out and flutters away. I quickly get all the books in my car before I close the door. I start looking around for my receipt to discover that the young gentleman from the elevator was walking towards me, holding my receipt. I thank him profusely and he says, "I think you can read all those in three weeks," with a big smile on his face. I assured him I could and he went back to his awaiting relation. was an unusual experience. So, I have more books to read! Yay!

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