Sunday, May 5, 2013


Don't panic. Don't panic about that title, nope, no panicking.

I'm going to still be posting on here, just not as frequently for about a month or so.

I need to get some things in my personal life sorted out and answer a few big questions or even seek out reasonable assumptions until they can be truly answered.

So I'm announcing a slight hiatus status.

I'm still alive, I'm still reading, breathing, kind of functioning, etc.

I just need to take it easy for a little while to do a life sort.

Happy reading.

EDIT (5/29/2013): In the future, I think instead of declaring a hiatus status, I'll make a news alert about large books being tackled.

So if a week or so goes by and nothing has happened on here, at least there will be the reassurance that I'm reading a giant book that takes a bit longer to muddle through.

...happy reading!

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