Saturday, November 10, 2012

Day 10

A brief, brief word about Day 9.

On Day 9, I didn't write one word. Not a single one. I'm not overly concerned though as I know I built a slight buffer so if I needed a day, I could take a day.

On Day 10, I am going to be playing some Dungeons and Dragons later (WHAT WHAT!) and then probably writing more tonight as well. I'm about to write RIGHT NOW. Thrilling isn't it? :)

Random trivia from today: Papa Murphy's pizza. I had it for lunch. DELICIOUS. It's not something you can buy in the freezer aisle, it's a restaurant that preps the pizza so all you have to do it take it home and bake it. Not hard. Deliciously easy and a delightful tasty experience.

Happy writing!

Edit: 19,048 words at 4:49PM. Taking a break to play some D&D. I'll be writing more tonight! :)

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