Sunday, November 4, 2012

Day 4

The night is still young, and I've managed to get myself to 9,138 words. I'll be continuing to write just a little bit more tonight, but I had quite a fulfilling day today.

I was in attendance at a housewarming party today that was very fun, lively, and used up a bunch of my energy. I think I'll be a bit lucky if I'm up past midnight tonight. If I write anymore, I probably won't update this post since I'll just save, collapse, and go to bed.

Another book from my personal shelf: Eragon by Christopher Paolini.

Most are quite familiar with the Eragon series, but I have a confession, I did not read beyond the second book and do not own any other than Eragon. I was quite fond of Eragon when I first came across it when he had published it indepently. I read it many, many times. But as he got picked up by a publishing company, I grew worried about his continuing the series. After I read the second book, I stopped reading as I didn't want to lose any more of the world that I had first fallen in love with in Eragon.

So I still have Eragon on my shelves and from time to time I will pick it up and reread it as I still love the first book for it's many merits.

Happy writing!

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