Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Day 13

One of the most challenging parts of writing for me is a proper way to transition the passing of time. I struggle sometimes with being like "Well that day was interesting, NOW ONTO A MONTH LATER HURR HURR HURR". Yeah.

So when I was reading in September and October, I tried to pay more attention as to how authors incorporated the length of time in their books. I've tried a few of their tricks, but ultimately it gets a little awkward in my stories. I feel like I'm constantly zooming in and zooming out with the passing of time and monitoring of situations.

Then again there's a lot happening in my story.

So the goal for today is to hit 25,000 words as I went a little haywire while trying to accomplish it last night. I had to delete some of what I wrote since I reread it today and discovered it was mostly nonsense towards the end. I'm currently at 22,798 words.

I'm also used to writing action scenes in my writing, but this is more of a 'character' story rather than an 'intense' story, so I've been writing a little side story to get the action scenes out of my system. I'm not doing double duty, I've just dabbled in about 4,000 words in a separate document of visual scenes.

I've also used the document to dabble with what people can conceptualize if I just say 'Flying monkeys' versus actually describing them 'Those brown monkeys had feathery bird wings sprouting from their back; in a moment of awe I watched a few take off from the trees and fly as if it were more natural than breathing.' Those kind of shenanigans. Also, I'm blogging on here too.


Yes. I might bake again today. Mmmm...baking.

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