Monday, November 19, 2012

Day 19

I swear I'm not dead. It's hard to believe right?

I haven't written anything for National Novel Writing Month for too long now, but I'm not giving up the 'fight' yet. I've had some personal time to reflect on a lot of things that have happened to me and a couple of close friends in the past few days as well as handling the situations that have presented themselves. I would share more, but it would be inappropriate to share about the situation due to the sensitive nature of it. Let's just say everything got real REALLY fast.

I apologize to my readers for the neglect I have shown my blog.

As a way to make up for it, I'm going to post a book review every day for the first week of December. So December 1st through December 7th I will read a book each day and post about it.

I'll also strive to figure out how to include the cover of the book on the blog post. (Exhilarating isn't it?)

Thank you for your patience. I will be posting later about how many words I manage to write tonight. I'm shooting to hit 40,000 words by Day 22. That leaves me with 10,000 words in eight days. Something much more manageable than this hurdling, 3 day race.

Happy writing! :)

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