Thursday, November 8, 2012

Day 8

A brief update before the magic of writing!

Today I visited a friend and had a lot of nostalgia happen. She also gifted me with bunches of books.

When National Novel Writing Month is over, I have a small horde of books just waiting for me to read and review. Excited? I AM!

I'm going to take my lovely puppy Lily for a walk and then I'll be writing. It should prove to be a little easier today since it'll be dealing with the aftermath of last chapter. Reaction chapters. FUN. :)

Happy writing!

Edit: I reached 18,102 words today. I might write a tiny bit more tonight, but probably not a lot. I've got to keep up the energy for tomorrow! :)

Another book series from my collection: Twilight Series by Stephanie Meyer.

I know about half of my audience probably just GROANED and went WHY or squealed with delight.

Here is my stance on Twilight. It's poorly written, Bella is the character of 'pants' (meaning anyone can be the pants), and there's not a whole lot of interesting things that happen in the book. AND YET, I'm still a sucker for it. I can't stand the movies, I can't stand discussing the books, I can't stand to even go near the 'Team Edward/Team Jake' stuff. I just can't. I don't want to talk about it.

So, in other words, while I wouldn't recommend the Twilight series, I still own it as one of my guilty pleasure reads.

Happy writing!

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